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Quality Improvement in Collaboration

Just in Time


Just-in-Time (JIT) training is a term used to describe knowledge made available just when it’s needed. It is an autonomous educational system that shortens the time between learning and application. By automating the JIT Modules, groups of learners in multiple areas can gather information during team meetings, while completing assignments, or when just wanting to learn about quality improvement. No teacher is required. TIPQC has created this online resource to tap QI knowledge when and where it serves our members.

all about “the human spirit.”


TIPQC has formally adopted the philosophy and values of Dr. W. Edwards Deming (1900-1993), a great thought leader in quality improvement.  His 14 Points were a bedrock philosophy for management, which he late simplified into the Four Cornerstones of Profound Knowledge (1987-88).  Shortly before he died, he simplified his philosophy yet further–he said, it is all about “the human spirit.”

Cutting through the jargon


Quality improvement is full of jargon, as are most professions. We may have missed one of your questioned terms in our table of contents; for additional help, search one of the sites below: