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Deming’s Five Deadly Diseases

  1. Lack of Constancy of Purpose
    • No planning for the future
    • Lack of short term definition and goals
  2. Emphasis on Short Term Profits
    • Worship of the quarterly dividends
    • Sacrificing long term growth of the organization
  3. Annual Rating of Performance
    • Arbitrary and unjust system
    • Demoralizing to employees
    • Nourishes short term performance
    • Annihilates team work, encourages fear
  4. Mobility of Management
    • No roots in the company
    • No Knowledge of the company
    • No understanding of problems of company
  5. Use of Visible Figures Only
    • No use of figures that are unknown or unknowable, i.e., customer or employee satisfaction
    • Encouraged by business schools

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