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Deming’s 14 Points

W. Edwards Deming referred to his 14 Points as Obligations of Management. They were to:

  1. Create constancy of purpose.
  2. Adopt the new philosophy.
  3. Cease dependence on mass inspection.
  4. Minimize total cost when dealing with suppliers.
  5. Improve continuously products, services, and processes.
  6. Institute training on the job.
  7. Adopt and institute leadership.
  8. Drive out fear.
  9. Break down barriers between departments.
  10. Eliminate management by slogan and exhortation.
  11. Eliminate numerical quotas and goals.
  12. Eliminate barriers to joy in work.
  13. Institute a program of education and self-improvement for everyone.
  14. Put everyone to work on the transformation of the organization.

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