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81 professionals from Level 1 & 2 Birthing Hospitals and Emergency Services Personnel received Simulation training in OB and Infant Emergencies.


TIPQC improvement projects reached 82% of all births in Tennessee through the 42 actively participating Hospitals.


TIPQC’s weekly podcast has 21,300 downloads and over 8,000 unique listeners from here in Tennessee and around the globe.


TIPQC is a collaborative organization that works across the entire state with our healthcare partners. Depending on the project, the partner may be actively involved in the initiative and/or leveraging the resources to enhance their patient care. Check out the interactive map below to see how the healthcare institutions near you are engaged with TIPQC.

Tireless Champions of Mothers and Babies

for perinatal caregivers in Tennessee – and beyond

“Empowering futures, TIPQC collaborates with the Tennessee Department of Health to champion the well-being of mothers and babies, working tirelessly to save and enhance outcomes across our state. They are also a valuable resource for creative, innovative projects and education for perinatal caregivers in Tennessee and beyond.”
– Tobi Adeyeye Amosun, MD, FAAP
Deputy Commissioner for Population Health, TN Department of Health

Bringing together neonatal-perinatal providers

“TIPQC has changed the culture of clinical care…

“TIPQC has changed the culture of clinical care among all neonatal-perinatal providers in Tennessee. It has brought together, physicians, NPs, nurses and other staff to improve quality of care and outcomes of mothers and newborns in all settings.” – Ajay J. Talati, MD