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Using the Seven Step Agenda


  1. Clarify Objective: Ensure that all understand and are in agreement with the meeting objective.
  2. Review Roles: Review who will be timekeeper, recorder, leader, and facilitator See Team Roles. Decide how feedback on time will be given.
  3. Review Agenda: (Review steps 4 – 7.)
  4. Work Through Agenda Items
  5. Review the Meeting Record: Review any records created during the meeting. Look for changes and additions. Decide what can be discarded.
  6. Plan Next Steps and Next Meeting Agenda: Decide who will do what before the next meeting. Decide what the objective and agenda items will be for the next meeting.
  7. Evaluate the Meeting: What did the team do well that it should continue doing? What could the team do differently to improve the meeting and group processes?