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The Model for Improvement

TIPQC has selected the Rapid Cycle Model for Improvement as its standard of QI practice. The questions to answer are:

AIM – What are we trying to accomplish? What process did you select and why is it problem? What are we going to do about it and by when?

MEASURE – How will we know the change is an improvement? What specific measure(s) will you select and how will you operationally define the measure(s)? See section on Measures and Operational Definitions.

CHANGE – What specific change(s) can we make that will result in improvement? How will they help achieve the Aim? What theories and predictions can you make about how these change concepts will cause improvement?

The Model for Improvement, as seen on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s website (, was developed by Associates in Process Improvement [Langley, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, Provost. The Improvement Guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1996].