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Selecting and Implementing Changes

While not all changes are improvements, improvement requires change. The third question in Rapid Cycle Improvement is: What specific change(s) can we make that will result in improvement? How will they help achieve the Aim? What theories and predictions do you make about how various change concepts will cause improvement?

Pull your team together and Brainstorm ideas that would serve to improve your process.

To stimulate discussion, there are 70 change concepts mentioned in Langley et. al (1996), p. 295.

  1. Eliminate Waste (11 concepts)
  2. Improve Work Flow (11)
  3. Optimize Inventory (4)
  4. Change the Work Environment (11)
  5. Enhance the Producer/Customer Relationships (8)
  6. Manage Time (5)
  7. Focus on Variation (8)
  8. Design Systems to Avoid Mistakes – Error Proofing (4)
  9. Focus on Product or Service (8)

These are each elaborated upon at

Use of a Cause-and-Effect Diagram allows the team to articulate theories about causes of the Measure(s) the team has chosen, and can guide the team toward meaningful changes.