Promotion of Safe Vaginal Deliveries



The following application components must be completed before your project team will be approved to participate in this inter-institutional QI project:

  • STEP 1: Designate key project team members
  • STEP 2: Designate data access rights
  • STEP 3: Designate additional project team members
  • STEP 4: Obtain necessary signatures

It should be noted that execution of the TIPQC Participation and Data Use Agreement (DUA) with TIPQC is required prior to approval of your facility for this project application. Many facilities have already completed this step. It is only required once and is applicable to all projects.

It is recommended that the “day to day” project team member (i.e. key contact person) complete this application.

Project Aim

To promote safe vaginal delivery for ALL in the birthing population presenting with a nulliparous, term, singleton, vertex pregnancy (NTSV) and thus decrease NTSV cesarean delivery rates to <23.6% (Healthy People Goal 2030)[9] in all participating Tennessee birthing facilities by Summer 2024.  This project will include a special focus on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) population which data shows has greater disparities in this outcome.

Target Population

Nulliparous birthing patients with a term, singleton baby in a vertex presentation.

  • Nulliparous = first delivery/birth or Para Zero (Para Zero defined as no history of a previous pregnancy that reached at least 20 weeks gestation)
  • Term = ≥37 weeks gestation,
  • Singleton = no twins or beyond,
  • Vertex position = Cephalic position; no breech or transverse positions.

This population is also known as the NTSV population.

Hospital Teams

QI Project Guidance


Link: THA Memorandum

ACOG Clinical Guidance

Maternity Safety and Quality in Cesarean Delivery


IRB Protocol

State IRB Approval


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