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Multiple Voting

  1. Agree on the criteria for selecting ideas.
  2. Identify each idea on the list with a letter of the alphabet.
  3. Agree on a number of ideas for which each member will vote.
  4. Vote individually on paper, listing the letter of each selected idea.
  5. Take turns calling out the letters of selected ideas.
  6. Record and add the votes on a flip chart.
  7. Decide which ideas should receive further consideration

How To Set Criteria

  1. Generate a few criteria ideas, and list on a flip chart (example criterion: “Must be cost-effective”).
  2. Through discussion or consensus, reach agreement on the criteria that all members will use.
  3. There can be one or more criteria for any decision.
  4. Criteria may be objective or subjective.

REFERENCE: The Seven-Step Meeting Process and Tools from Executive Learning, Inc. Handbook for Improvement, Nashville: ELI, 2002.