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Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a planning tool used to describe the driving and restraining forces that increase or decrease the likelihood of successfully implementing change. Force Field analysis is based on the concept that any given situation is in a state of equilibrium or status quo, caused by a balance of driving and restraining forces. The Force Field analysis permits identification of the key enablers in a specific change effort and methods to approach anticipated restraining forces.


  1. Describe the future or desired state
  2. Describe the present state
  3. Draw a T-square on the flip chart. Label the left side “Driving Forces” and label the right side “Restraining Forces.”
  4. On the left side, brainstorm the forces that drive you or influence movement toward the desired state.
  5. On the right side, brainstorm the forces that restrain you or prevent movement toward the desired state.
  6. Analyze these forces. In order to successfully implement change, it is necessary to increase the driving forces or decrease the restraining forces or optimally, convert a restraining force into a driving force.