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Join the TIPQC Community Resource Council

TIPQC is dedicated to improving health outcomes for birthing people and babies throughout Tennessee. The Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care consists of providers, patients, families, nurses, physicians, and community organizations working to develop and implement evidence-based quality improvement projects to improve care in the perinatal period. TIPQC seeks to promote meaningful change, advance health equity, and improve the quality of care through pregnancy, delivery, and beyond for all Tennessee families. This year, 42 hospitals participated in TIPQC with 82% of the state’s births.

The TIPQC Community Resource Council aims to connect and engage nonprofits, government agencies, and other civic organizations working to meet the needs of birthing people, babies, and Tennessee Families.

Each application will be reviewed by TIPQC staff to ensure each organization meets the criteria for participation outlined below. Acceptance into the Community Resource Council does not indicate TIPQC or its affiliates, the Tennessee Department of Health, or any Tennessee hospital’s endorsement of third-party services or websites.