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Augment Your Learning

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has a series of On-Demand seminars. Watch Robert Lloyd, PhD, Director of Performance Improvement talk about An Introduction to the Model for Improvement. Follow these steps to view the 63-minute presentation (at no charge):

  1. Log on to IHI.org. If you have not logged in before, you will be asked to create an email identity and password.
  2. Click button for Free Audio and Video
  3. Under Free Video, select the first On-Demand Presentation
  4. Click the ENROLL button at the top of the page
  5. Click Enroll Today and follow the steps
  6. You will be sent a link and password by email for anytime viewing

A great way to get an overview of the improvement process, complete with a PowerPoint, worksheets, and references.

The Model for Improvement, as seen on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s website (IHI.org), was developed by Associates in Process Improvement [Langley, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, Provost. The Improvement Guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1996].

Making A Business Case For Change

  • Why are we conducting this effort?
  • How will the change benefit our unit and our organization?
  • What are the costs associated with this effort, including personnel cost?
  • What data or benchmarks support our choice?
  • What will be the impact on patients and their families?

IHI: Model for Improvement

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