Trauma-Informed Care Workshop

Resilient Centered Healthcare:
Using a Trauma Informed Approach

A Discussion with:
Becky Hass
Trauma-Informed Care Trainer

October 5, 2021
2-4 PM CT/ 3-5 PM ET
via Webinar

Description of Course

National statistics on abuse and violence in the United States are sobering. This means a large number of people have experienced serious trauma at some point in their lives.  A medical office or hospital can be a terrifying experience for someone who has experienced trauma, particularly for childhood sexual abuse survivors. The perceived power differential, being asked to remove clothing, and having invasive testing can remind someone of prior episodes of abuse. This can lead to anxiety about medical visits, flashbacks during the visit, or avoidance of medical care.  Trauma informed healthcare training will better equip professionals to offer services with greater empathy and compassion.  Also, it is important that healthcare professionals understand the significance of ACEs as underpinnings to poor health.  As opportunities are available, providers can help patients access resources to reduce toxic stress in their lives and promote better health. 

Participants will be able to describe: 

  • What is trauma
  • How to identify it
  • How trauma affects brain development
  • Understanding the ACEs study
  • The universal prevalence of trauma
  • Four “R’s” to a trauma informed approach
  • Examples of trauma informed healthcare
  • “D, E, “F Protocol”
  • Self-care for healthcare professionals
  • SAMHSA Six Pillars of a trauma informed organization