Opioid Use Disorder: Optimizing Obstetric and Neonatal Care – Wave 2

Project Status: In Sustainment

Project Application

The following application components must be completed before your project team will be approved to participate in this inter-institutional QI project:

  • STEP 1: Designate key project team members
  • STEP 2: Designate data access rights
  • STEP 3: Designate additional project team members
  • STEP 4: Obtain necessary signatures

It should be noted that execution of the TIPQC Participation and Data Use Agreement (DUA) with TIPQC is required prior to approval of your facility for this project application. Many facilities have already completed this step. It is only required once and is applicable to all projects.

It is recommended that the “day to day” project team member (i.e. key contact person) complete this application.

  • The day to day leader will be able to save their progress throughout this application. If they are unable to complete this application in one sitting, they will be able to return to where they left off to complete the application.

Project AIM

Recognition Criteria

Project Resources


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Active Participating Hospital Teams