Open Positions

  • Positions are part-time. If the applicant possesses the skillset required for both positions, they may apply for a full-time position to fulfill both roles.
  • Positions are work from home with occasional required in-person meetings, occurring primarily in the Nashville area.
  • Applicant must be a resident of Tennessee
  • To apply, send your resume to:

Infant Project Manager

This position will serve as a Project Coordinator for the Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care (TIPQC) focused on Infant Initiatives. Responsible for coordinating activities for ongoing TIPQC projects and any other future projects. This position will serve as administrative, QI, and education support to the state infant medical director, state nursing QI consultant, state project director, data and advisory groups as well as support all local hospital teams. Responsible for coordinating efforts with other state and national partners as applicable. Will help to provide education and spread throughout the state of best practices. Collaborate communications with the medical director which include setting meetings, communicating updates and maintaining a shared calendar for meetings. Works well independently and appropriately prioritizes job duties. The TIPQC Project Manager works closely with the TIPQC Executive Director & Infant Medical Director to meet the overall objectives and needs of the TIPQC organization.


  1. Attends virtual or in-person meetings as assigned.
  2. Assists with the implementation of evidence-based tool kits and data collection instruments to support ongoing QI projects.
  3. Provides project coordination and support for statewide QI teams through monthly Webinars.
  4. Prepares special reports. Designs, completes and presents such reports as requested.
  5. Assists with topics, data gathering and development of podcasts
  6. Participates in Institute for Healthcare Improvement activities.
  7. Reviews individual records as requested by the Medical Director or Executive Director
  8. Completes continuing education for improvement of job performance.
  9. Contributes to a positive work climate and overall team effort
  10. Performs related responsibilities as required or directed.

Communications Director


This position will serve as the communications director for the Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care (TIPQC). Responsible for managing aspects of TIPQC’s marketing, communications, and public and media relations, ensuring that the creative work reflects the positioning, platform and voice of TIPQC’s marketing objectives and meets internal needs.


  1. Plans, schedules, records and edits TIPQC’s Healthy Mom Healthy Baby Tennessee Podcast
  1. Assist with the maintenance of the TIPQC website.
  2. Manages and updates TIPQC’s social media sites.
  3. Creates and develops written, digital, and video content to promote and support the organization.
  4. Supports the team in identifying opportunities to improve engagement, performance, cohesion and culture related to assigned projects and initiatives.
  5. Participates in training, in services and attends meetings.
  6. Performs related responsibilities as required or directed.