Intraventricular Hemorrhage

Project Application

The application for this TIPQC Quality Improvement (QI) Project is broken up into two main steps:

  • STEP 1: Designate project team members
  • STEP 2: Obtain necessary signatures

STEP 2 is comprised of individual signature pages that must be completed and signed by specific project team members. Both steps must be completed before your project team will be approved to participate in this inter-institutional QI project.

It should be noted that execution of the TIPQC Participation and Data Use Agreement (DUA) with TIPQC is required prior to approval of your facility for this project application. Many facilities have already completed this step. It is only required once and is applicable to all projects.

It is recommended that the “day to day” project team member (i.e. key contact person) complete this application.

The application does not need to be completed all at once. You will see a “Save & Return Later” button at the bottom of each page in the application. Clicking “Save & Return Later” will save your progress and allow you to return where you left off to complete the application any time in the future.

**IMPORTANT: You will be given an auto-generated return code. You will be required to enter this return code upon returning to the application. Please make sure you copy or write down the return code provided.

IVH Pilot Teams

  • Centennial Medical Center
  • East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
  • Erlanger Health System
  • Jackson Madison County General Hospital
  • Regional One Health
  • University of Tennessee

Key Driver

QI Project Guidance

IVH Key Driver Diagram

IVH Tool Kit

TTB-sIVH Data Entry Form


IVH State IRB Approval

IVH Protocol (For IRB if needed)


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