2017 Annual Meeting

Over 250 healthcare professionals, families, and perinatal stakeholders participated in the 2017 10th Annual TIPQC Meeting on March 5-7, 2017 at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin, Tennessee. Conference speaker highlights included: Larry Shields, MD addressing Maternal Morbidity and OB Hemorrhage; Chrissie Blackburn on Realistic & Meaningful Patient & Family Engagement; Commissioner John Dreyzehner, MD; Stephen Patrick, MD, Nikki Zite, MD and Stephen Loyd, MD discussing Preventing Repeat Morbidity; Ashley Jeans, MPH on the Maternal Mortality Review, Michael Thompson, PhD the Evaluation of the Early Elective Delivery Project; Reddy Dhanireddy, MD and Tamara Wallace, DNP addressing NICU Nutrition. Numerous panels added to the depth of the local work and experiences, as well as workshops on Breastfeeding in Special Circumstances, OB Hemorrhage, Getting Ready for Neonatal Episodes of Care, Provider/Family Engagement, The Basics of QI for the Bedside Nurse, The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health, Gettting the Most from your VON data led by Erika Edwards, PhD, Antibiotic Stewardship, and NICU Nutrition. The Meeting concluded by the Oversight Committee Lunch, updates on TIPQC, the results of the project straw polling, and a generous donation from the Tennessee Perinatal Association.

Meeting Resources